About Us

The Who, What, Where, Why and How of Big Fat Logos

Creative Projects to fulfillment…

Big Fat Design & Sign, and DPMG Fulfillment. We’ve got everything under one roof from seasoned Graphic Designers, to Next-day Duplication and Printing, to Sign Shop and Quick Banners, to Fulfillment and Mailing so you can standout above your competitors, Make your creative product fast and save you money in the process.

Over a Decade in Design

Since the 1990s we’ve tackled design and fulfillment projects  with our competent and highly trained creative people.  We offer a free quote or consultation of your current or budgeted advertising plans, and the expertise to help you position your product or service at the top of your competition!

If you need duplication or packaging services — Whether it is 10 pieces or 10,000 pieces — we can design it, produce it and ship it for you. Because we do it all, you’ll have personalized attention and competitive pricing on the the highest quality design and production anywhere.

Feel free to browse our portfolio to view a few examples of our work. We’ll work hard to make it easy for you.

Make it BIG!

If you need to show off your product or service we also offer LOGO ADVERTISING with for one-stop business service for signs, digital color banners, vehicle wrap advertising, trade-show displays and Logo-promotion items.